Research task: Book terminology

This task asked me to familiarise myself with the terminology used to describe the anatomy of a book and write some notes about how different parts of the book can be changed to reflect the book’s function. For example, in ‘Exercise 1: The function of books’, I noticed how the size of each book changed depending on what they were intended for. A ‘coffee table’ book would be larger, sturdier and heavier, whereas a pocket advice book is smaller and easier to travel with.

These notes were taken from the OCA course materials.
My notes on how different elements of a book’s structure can be modified depending on the book’s function.
Some research notes. accessed 22/10/20

I was fascinated to learn the terminology about a book’s structure. Some of the terms are used quite often, but I was unfamiliar with a lot of them. This will certainly help during the next task – to look back at my collection of books and analyse the paper and binding choices.

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