Feedback 2

I received my feedback for Part 2 at roughly the same time as my summative assessment results for Sketchbooks. It was brilliant to compare the action points and identify areas that I can work on further in my illustration work. I was pleased with my tutor’s comments, particularly as I had worked so hard to reference my research throughout my creative process this time. I went through the comments and made myself lists of strengths and action points or things to consider further.

I can certainly see how using more creative methods to generate ideas could give some more unexpected results. My choices for the Robinson Crusoe and survival guide covers were quite obvious – I could have delved further and perhaps tried extending my initial ideas to become more abstract. I will definitely make use of mood boards, mind-maps, and other methods mentioned here in any future work.

Another interesting point here is to explore typographic solutions. I am embarking on Part 3, which is very much focused on typography, so it might be interesting to return to this and see if any of my learning can be applied to the book covers. My summative feedback also suggested now trying to apply my experimentation to typography, so this is something I can throw myself into.

Again, mention here of using mood boards, as well as a broad range of creative processes for ideas generation and development of solutions. My tutor also recommended looking at a book by Simon Goode, which I shall look into. I think there has also been a lot of comments linked to shades and tones of colour – this might be worthwhile doing a little more research into so I can confidently talk about these decisions in my work.

Some more areas here to delve into, including typography, which will be my main focus during Part 3. I think the tones of white paper could be interesting to compare and also looking more closely at the appearance of print ink on different papers – I had started to do this, but it might be a valuable one-off activity to pick up different books in my house and look carefully at the ink on the paper. I am also interested to further research Pentagram, linking to my research about Paula Scher.

I really liked the comment about looking at how different visual languages can help customers navigate a book store – this could be a really interesting way to quickly see the differences and how they help readers find what they are looking for. The various genres of novel can also be distinguished from one another; I plan to look at this using some of my own examples from my bookshelf. There are lots of areas here to think about and research further.

I am extremely happy that my tutor was pleased with my strong illustration and technical skills, both traditional and digital. I was not feeling confident about my digital skills, and I know I need to keep working on them, but this has given me a real boost. I will continue to refer back to research examples that inspire my and evaluate my solutions against these. Interestingly, my summative feedback for Sketchbooks also mentioned considering how my final pieces would look alongside similar items that are already professionally produced, with a focus on visual refinement and contextualisation (without losing the natural energy of my mark-making).

Overall, I am delighted with the comments and the progress I have made. It has also been helpful this time to see my feedback split into the four criteria areas, and to compare this against my previous feedback. A couple of key points overlap – typography and contextualisation – so I will focus on these, but there are lots of ideas to take forward with my into my creative process and also questions to consider and look into further.

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