Paperwork and Fingerprint No. 2

Williams, N. (1993) Paperwork: the potential of paper in graphic design. London: Phaidon Press
Chen Design Associates. (2011) Fingerprint No. 2. Ohio: HOW books

These two books were recommended to me by my tutor and I thought they would be perfect to explore for Part 4, as this section focuses on materiality and altering found books and objects. I read through each book, making notes as I went, and picking out pieces that particularly intrigued me.

There were particular techniques that I feel could be taken forward into Part 4 – especially those explored in ‘Paperwork’, like cutting, folding, making a flat item more like a sculpture, and using different materials. I really liked the page of water/gel in plastic, with coins suspended inside. I feel like this could work brilliantly with a text about water, the sea, or something similar.

Another technique that really stood out to me was die-cutting. I thought the body “chalk line” made from little holes punched through the paper was inspired. I also love the page cut in the shape of a wave, hiding the shark. These small details add lots of interest, engage the reader, and help tell the narrative using more than words and pictures.

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