Feedback 5

I received my final feedback from my tutor and I was thoroughly delighted! This course has taught me so much about design and I’m glad that my tutor commented on how I’d tried to bring everything I had learnt together in my final project. She has provided me with lots of feedback points throughout the course that have continually pushed me forwards. It’s been a pleasure to work through this Creative Book Design course.

I was particularly pleased with my tutor’s comments about my assignment creative process. Throughout this course, I’ve worked hard to become much more thorough and rigorous in my creative process. I tried to show this in my final assignment, drawing on research, looking at other poetry book examples, creating mood boards, drawing thumbnail sketches and experimenting with lots of options before settling on final page layouts. It was wonderful to read these comments from my tutor recognising this strong creative process.

I’m pleased to have some feedback to consider for next time I design a book too. The way some of the content falls into the gutter did not occur to me as something to think about with how the pages flow. This is certainly something I’ll keep in mind next time I’m designing a book or double page spread.

My work for exercise 4 resulted in positive comments about my creativity and practical abilities in book design too! I did really try to experiment as much as I could with those images. At first, I was very daunted by the brief, so it was important to me to explore lots of options. I will definitely take any successful work forward and consider more options for page layouts and sequencing in the future.

I was delighted to read my tutor’s positive comments about how well I drew on research and allowed my research to inform the direction of my work. This was something I have worked hard on throughout this course (it was one of my targets at the beginning) and I feel like I’ve made huge improvements. It definitely felt as if my research heavily influenced my final project. The hierarchy of information on my pages in exercise 4 is a really interesting point – I certainly hadn’t considered this in the same way as my final project for assignment 5.

It’s wonderful to read that my mixed media skills contributed to the success of exercise 4. I definitely tried to experiment as much as I could – I saw this task as an opportunity to try different things and see where it took me. As I now move into level 2 (exciting!), I will be more aware of where my work fits into the wider context and focus on continuing to develop my own visual language.

This awareness of context is also something I’ve been working hard on throughout this Creative Book Design course. The more I have learnt about designers, styles, book production, materials and layouts, the more I have incorporated this understanding into my own designs. I did try to keep evaluating my own work against examples of best practice – I will strive to continue doing this as I move into level 2.

Overall, I am thrilled with the feedback. I have some focuses for my next course – I’ll be moving onto level 2 in my illustration degree, which is both daunting and exciting. I’m sure that my exploration of book design and the design principles I have picked up along the way will help me greatly.

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