Feedback 5

I received my final feedback from my tutor and I was thoroughly delighted! This course has taught me so much about design and I’m glad that my tutor commented on how I’d tried to bring everything I had learnt together in my final project. She has provided me with lots of feedback points throughout the […]

Assignment 5

Your choice This brief asked me to draw on all the skills, insight and experience that I had gained so far to design and produce a book of my choice. I was incredibly excited to begin this project – after identifying areas of interest, researching some exciting typography artists and browsing through my old journals, […]

The New Concrete

Visual Poetry in the 21st Century This book was edited by Victoria Bean (an artist my tutor recommended I look into further) and Chris McCabe and is a collection of poems created by poets who have found new ways of creating poems in the digital age, inspired by the legacy of concrete poets from the […]

Jean McEwan

I discovered Jean’s work when exploring the Bristol Artists’ Book Events and The Lost Weekend. Luckily, her zine ‘I am blue sky’ was available online to flick through, but I was desperate to hold one of her zines in my hands. Three of her artist books were featured in The Lost Weekend: I am blue […]


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